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Recipe: Perfect fajita pop-ups


fajita pop-ups. From Better Homes and Garden magazine. Steak Fajita Roll Ups – Ditch the flour tortillas and make this amazing low-carb version of your Steak Fajita Roll-Ups. Thin slices of sirloin tip steak packed with delicious bell pepper strips and onions, all.

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Ingredients of fajita pop-ups

  1. Prepare 1 lb of hamburger.
  2. You need 1 small of red pepper.
  3. It’s 1 small of green pepper.
  4. It’s 1 small of onion.
  5. Prepare 1 envelope of taco seasoning.
  6. You need 1 of biscuit mix.
  7. Prepare 1/4 cup of shredded cheese (optional).

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fajita pop-ups instructions

  1. preheat oven to 350.
  2. prepare biscuits, (store bought or homemade works fine) then slice up your peppers and onions.
  3. brown hamburger in skilled, drain if needed. combine peppers, Taco seasoning mix and onions in hamburger.
  4. spray muffin pan with Pam, then put the biscuits in and around the bottom and edges of the muffin pans..
  5. add Hamburger and pepper mix into the biscuits, top with shredded cheese..
  6. put into oven set at 350 and cook for 7-15 minutes or until biscuits are done..

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