Home Recipe How to Make Tasty Seasoning liquid for Sushi (Sushi-su)

How to Make Tasty Seasoning liquid for Sushi (Sushi-su)


Seasoning liquid for Sushi (Sushi-su). In Japan, sushi rice means the steamed rice that's flavored with vinegar based seasonings and we only use this vinegared rice when we make all kinds of In Japanese we call sushi rice Sushi-meshi 鮨飯, Su-meshi 酢飯, or shari 舎利. It's made of white, short-grain Japanese rice seasoned with rice. The rice made with sushi vinegar can be used to bring out the seafood and reduce the fishy smell of seafood.

Seasoning liquid for Sushi (Sushi-su) Be sure your liquid measurement is precise using a liquid measuring cup. If that isn't the problem, try fluffing the rice with a fork before tossing in the seasoning liquid. A Hangiri (or sushi oke) is a traditional Japanese wooden tub that is used in the final steps of preparing sushi rice. You can have Seasoning liquid for Sushi (Sushi-su) using 3 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Seasoning liquid for Sushi (Sushi-su)

  1. Prepare 20 g of vinegar.
  2. You need 4 g of salt.
  3. It’s 12 g of sugar.

Its wide flat bottom aids in spreading out the hot rice to help it cool quickly after pouring in the sushi seasoning while simultaneously fanning and mixing the rice with a rice paddle. Susushi, aims to provide a top quality and wholesome Japanese cuisine and quality. To ingratiate different taste of Couldn't recommend the tuna or salmon sashimi highly enough, incredibly fresh in both taste and texture, and all their nigiri and sushi-roll rice was perfectly seasoned. Sushi is the term for the special rice but it is modified, in Japanese, to zushi when coupled with modifiers that describe the different styles of this most popular dish.

Seasoning liquid for Sushi (Sushi-su) step by step

  1. Measure vinegar precisely. Rice vinegar is recommended but apple vinegar or wine vinegar can be substituted..
  2. Add salt for the specified amount. Note that the order is important. Sugar will be added later..
  3. Heat up the vinegar + salt using microwave. Be sure not to get boiling. The duration is approx. 20 seconds when the power is 600 watts..
  4. Stir the hot vinegar + salt till the salt is solved completely. Then add sugar for precisely measured amount while it is still hot. Stir again then completed after the sugar is solved..

In Japan when one says "sushi" they are referring to the whole package, the sushi rice plus the neta. In "Kamado-san",combine the rice with the water and sake, and put the dashi konbu on top of the rice. Kikkoman Sushi Su is a spiced vinegar for sushi rice. The finished mixture of Kikkoman is without any additives. Sushi – The word sushi refers to rice that has been seasoned with vinegar and sugar.


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